Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Oct 9 & 10

Not much to report here the last two evenings.

Mystery Radio has been on 6220 both nights - logged yesterday @ 2100 and today @ 1830 with non-stop pops, jingles. SINPO 34333.

Also this evening, station on 6300 @ 1850. Just caught snatches of song, like "Roll Over Beethoven," but not strong enough to make out an ID. Dutch station or maybe Campervan from Sweden? SINPO 24332.


Radio Campervan said...

Radio Campervan wasn't on air yesterday.

Jari said...


It was Radio Fox 48 on 6300 kHz.
Earlier at 17.05 UTC UNID Dutch station on 6295 kHz with pop and disco mx, SINPO 34333. c/d at 18.16 UTC.
At 19.08 UTC heard Quintus on 6298 kHz to made test for his new antenna. c/d at 19.17 UTC.

73, Jari

uk dxer said...

Signals obviously skipping better into Finland. Thanks for that info.

Anonymous said...

The Dutch Jari mentioned was Voice of the Netherlandes heard from 1545 UTC