Saturday, October 14, 2006

Sat Oct 14

Laser Hot Hits heard on 6275 @ 1315, possibly being relayed by Radio Rainbow who I understand have offered to relay their programmes. Pop music, mentioning email and Laser promos for mugs and T-shirts. SINPO 34433.

Cupid Radio was on 6300 @ 1620 giving out email address and signing off. Some co-ch QRM. SINPO 33433.

Radio Valencia also on 6300 @ 1625 with schlager, ID in Dutch and off at 1630. SINPO 33433. Gave email address as: pk152(@)

Caught a snatch of dance music and anouncement on 6290 @ 1635 but disappeared into the noise. Weak signal.

Mystery Radio on 6220 playing 80s pop @ 1645. SINPO 34433.

Radio Mazda was on 6290 @ 1835 with schlager. SINPO 33333.

Radio Quintus on 3911 @ 1840 with a good signal. Playing oldies, ID in English. SINPO 44333.

Radio Spaceman and Radio Delmare with a joint programme on 3927. Heard @ 1855 with schlager, rock and pop. As always, a cracking good signal. Started at s9 but now (2000) is s9+10dB here. SINPO 44433.

It looks like better night time reception is moving from 48 to 75 metres.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the report.
greets her from radio quintus.

uk dxer said...

Nice signal from you last night.