Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Tues Oct 3

Dutch station called Radio Torezon (tent) heard on 6251 @ 1720, playing polka, ID in Dutch and off 1725. Some splash from the clandestine station Radio Zamaneh on 6245. SINPO 43433. The station was also heard with a good signal on 6290 @ 1735 playing schlager, off 1737. SINPO 44444. (see comment)

Radio Likedeeler heard on 6306 @ 1730 playing rock n roll, talk in German. SINPO 34333.

Mystery Radio on again this evening. Heard on 6220 @ 1750 with 44444 SINPO.

Radio Zeelandia on 6300 @ 1900 playing polka and schlager, ID in Dutch and English. Giving out SMS number, mention Jaroslav. Off at 2010. SINPO 34433.


Anonymous said...

Hi, the tent. Station "R.Torezon"
was also on air on Saturday on 6280 and tent. also on 6300 KHZ. Unfortunately I have forgotten the Logs in my NEWS - but next week as UPDATE! Attention: The correct name of this station is R.TARZAN!
The right Name I have receives directly from Holland.

Greetings from Dr.Tim

Anonymous said...

Radio Zamaneh is not a clandestine, but a European station for Iranians, backed by the Netherlands and several
European organizations. Studios in NL.


uk dxer said...

Thanks Dr Tim for info about Radio Tarzan.

Also thank you to Ray for correcting me about Radio Zamaneh -very strong here most nights.