Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pirate Memories

Finally, I've dusted down some of those old cassette recordings of landbased stations from the early 80s and started digitizing them. On the Pirate Memories website you can listen to recordings from stations of that era. Keep checking the site as I will be adding more stations when time allows.

Go to: http://piratememories.blogspot.com/


Anonymous said...

Great stuff Paul.
On my forthcoming FRS Holland show (on SW May 30th and internet June 6th), I shall be playing extracts from Empire Radio from 1979 and Radio Dragonfly from 1982
Dave Scott - FRSH/RGSW

Anonymous said...

Excellent stuff. couldn't get the embedded player to work though I had to copy and paste to real Player!
I have a studio recording of Radio Atlantis somewhere I think. I have quite a few tape recordings of free radio from the 80's and am slowly digitising them.

Anonymous said...

I shall look forward to that. Of course there is some more Empire Radio here:


uk dxer said...

I think I might put an alternative link on each post so if the player doesn't work, then you should hear recordings through that!

It is interesting listening to these old recordings again after all this time!

Any feedback welcome

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to more of these, keep up the good work, the blog is excellent

uk dxer said...

Thanks for positive comments ... I've added an extra link if anyone has trouble with the player.

Let me know if there are still problems hearing the files.

Anonymous said...

Can't get the file to play but right clicking on the new link and "Open link in new window" works.

irish paul said...

hi paul great idea,
look forward to hearing more of your old recordings

73's paul