Saturday, May 21, 2011

Merseyland Alternative Radio raided last weekend

MAR posted this message on the Garry Stevens board earlier this week:

"MAR - Merseyland Alternative Radio raided by the authorities on Saturday 14th May 2011

Sorry to all of our faithful listeners for the lack of any news postings at the weekend and for the lack of any AM transmissions from late afternoon onwards on Saturday 14th May, but unfortunately one of the MAR transmitter locations (on 1314 AM) was raided by Ofcom and a lot of expensive equipment was seized. As a precaution our other AM transmitter location (on 1395 AM) was switched off. For the rest of the weekend we continued on the web only via our streams.

For at least the next couple of weekends we will probably be on via our web streams only. So please understand this, MAR hasn't gone away and programmes will continue and hopefully we will be back on the AM band very soon. It's just that once you lose a good transmitter location they are very hard to replace and there aren't that many volunteers!

MAR would like to thank all of its regular listeners and please let it be known that your support is most appreciated. As we keep saying 'your texts and emails are our wages, we don't get paid for doing any of this' and indeed it costs a small fortune to run MAR, so please keep on listening and please keep supporting one of the last few remaining traditional old style AM land based pirates in the UK! Thank you.

MAR's web streams are available via the web site;  and please do sign our guestbook if you visit.

Email us;
Text us; 07504464678

MAR broadcasts in the spirit of the original offshore stations including Radio Caroline and Big L. Please join us every weekend."

The station schedule on the web this weekend is from 1600-0030 BST today and 1000-0030 BST tomorrow.


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