Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wed May 18

4026: Laser Hot Hits. Take That "Happy Now" @ 1940, Martin Scott running down who can be heard each evening. SINPO 44433.

6945: Laser Hot Hits. Mike Andrews show. "Supernature" @ 1745 then Tubeway Army "Are Friends Electric." Good signal. SINPO 44433.


Anonymous said...

wmr hoaxer. was on wed night playing a 2007 programme. your report paul was read out. the hoax must like wmr. is it jack voice he likes. my be it is a female, who is relaying wmr.? lots of old transmitters out there from staions no longer on the air. wonder how many still have there tx,s?

Anonymous said...

The old Apollo 20W txer is still in my loft but hasnt been switched on since 1990. Maybe one day!
Dave Scott