Thursday, June 21, 2012

Nord AM final broadcasts for now

Dear listeners and friends,
At first we would like to thank you for your feedback, reception reports and comments on our last broadcast. We were happy to receive reactions from all over the world and will confirm all the reception reports soon.

You are invited to tune in to our next broadcast, which will be a very special edition of NordAM. We say goodbye and begin our summer-holidays.
Actually, the  "NordAM holidays" will last until autumn 2013 at least and we are not sure if this will be the last NordAM transmission at all. Maybe. Maybe not. We dont't know anything either.

So to come to the most important information:
Do tune in on Friday, Saturday and Sunday:
22/06/2012: 1400-1530 UTC
23/06/2012: 1500-1630 UTC (rerun)
24/06/2012: 1530-1700 UTC (rerun)
Frequency: 6005 kHz
Transmitter: Kall-Krekel (Radio 700), 1 kW

Online live streaming: <>
Or use the live-stream on our Facebook page (which can be accessed without an account at Facebook)

We are excited to read where our little "student's-radio-project" can be received and wonder what will happen to NordAM in the future. You can send your comments, reception reports and thoughts to nordam @ or post your feedback at our Facebook wall.
Feel free to forward these information to your DXing friends.
Let's meet in the 49 metre-band next Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

Best wishes,
Torben & Daniel

P.S: More details about Radio 700: Our transmission is made possible thanks to (see this page for technical details and schedule updates!).

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