Friday, June 15, 2012

Nord AM on air this weekend

Dear listeners and friends,

We are happy to announce that the next broadcast of NordAM will be on the air tomorrow! Tune in to our special show with music from all over Europe. We have selected interesting songs from all the countries which participate in this year's European football championship. Of course, we'll talk a little bit about the matches so there's nice music for those who don't love football at all and a little bit of chatter about sports for those who hate our musical taste. If you like both it would be perfect! :-)

So tune in if you like:

Saturday, 15/06/2012: 17.00-18.15 CEST (1500-1615 UTC)
Sunday, 16/06/2012: 17.00-18.15 CEST (1500-1615 UTC)

We use Radio 700's transmitters in Kall-Krekel, Germany (with 1000 Watts). Furthermore, we can be heard on Radio 700's online live streaming. Just go to <> and select the frequency we are currently broadcasting on. These streams and frequencies normally carry the nice broadcasts of Radio 700.

Plus, there will be a very special edition of NordAM next week, so do not change the frequency on your radio-dial and wait for further announcements...!

We invite you to send us again your comments and reception reports. Detailed and correct reports will be verified with our new QSL card (by regular mail or email).  Please send all your letters and reports to: nordam @
Or visit our Facebook site:  <>

We are excited to read where our little "student-radio-project" can be received. Feel free to forward these information to your DXing friends.

Let's meet in the 49 metre-band next Saturday and Sunday!

Best wishes,
Torben & Daniel

P.S: More details about Radio 700: Our transmission is made possible thanks to (see this page for technical details and schedule updates!).

It doesn't say which frequency but probably 6005 kHz

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