Sunday, June 03, 2012

Sun Jun 3

4015 2030 Laser Hot Hits. Pop music, fair signal but quite noisy. SINPO 34333.

6210 2005 Radio Telstar South. Free "Alright Now", "Theme from the Good the Bad and the Ugly". SINPO 44433.

6255 1852 Radio Geronimo SW. Dave Scott show, rock music, giving out contact details and talking about what will be on the show. SINPO 44444.

6280 1740 Radio Merlin Int. Hard Fi "Hard to Beat", ID and jingles. Fair signal. SINPO 34333.

6285 1900 Bogusman. Chat, music by XTC, strong. SINPO 54444.

6300 1918 Radio Ascona. Dutch music, talk in Dutch and English, splash from Reflections Europe on 6295. SINPO 43433.

6307 1923 Radio Caroline Int. Techno music, weak-fair. SINPO 24332.

6324 1913 Radio Underground. ID and greetings, dance music, then Bananarama "Robert De Niro's Waiting." Good signal. SINPO 44433.

6385 2000 Sonic Radio. Falco, then Yazoo "Don't Go," no IDs as mic broke, ID through the pirate chat. SINPO 44433.

6525 1905 Radio Mustang. ID, greetings, Toto "Africa." SINPO 54444.

6950 2015 IMR. "Breaking Down the Walls of Heartache," god signal. SINPO 44433.

6980 1755 Laser Hot Hits. Bruce Springsteen "Born to Run," fair. SINPO 34333.

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Hi Paul,

thanks for such first log of us there
(haha!!!) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a nice week please!
R.Caroline International.