Monday, March 17, 2014

Mon Mar 17

4029 2015 Laser Hot Hits. Cliff Richard & Phil Everley "She Means Nothing To Me," Propaganda "Duel." SINPO 44433.
6290 2020 Supersound Radio. ID jingle/email, oldies. SINPO 54444.
6305 2000 Radio Verona. Dutch music. SINPO 44433.
6375 2010 Radio Caroline-Rainbow. "Stars on 45." SINPO 44433.

(via Twente SDR)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,

thanks for such log!!!
Power had been 30watts here from our side.
New linear amplifier from China was arriving here last weekend, but he doesnt work, so that we have to send him back to China.

Radio Caroline/Rainbow International.