Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Radio Merlin closes down

Message on the Radio Merlin Facebook page: "Now for some sad news due to the fact that someone has reported our TX site, and are still at the TX site Radio Merlin has been forced to close down .Thank you to all our listeners over the years bye bye from all of us at Radio Merlin International .We will still be on live from our web site every other sunday with live shows .paul watt 73."



Anonymous said...

Bad news, Paul!
Please tell other Paul that we are really sad that something has happenend and best wishes to him from us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Greets, also to your nice dog friend,

Anonymous said...

I really feel for Radio Merlin. This kind of thing happened to me when I was a student. I went to college where there was no legal student radio, so a few of us ran a pirate station covering the campus on FM. Some toerag who saw themselves as an unofficial branch of the state was utterly opposed to what we stood for, and made efforts to report us to the DTI. We had no choice but to close our beloved radio station.

I enjoyed listening to Merlin's SW transmissions over twenty years and hold out hope that maybe one day they can find another suitable broadcast site. At least they will live on as an internet operation.

Anonymous said...

They'll be back; we've been here before!

rmi shortwave said...

Thanks for all of your offers to relay Radio Merlin ..We have no studio right now to record any shows but thanks for the offers,also I'm worn out right now with personal problems.We hope to be back on with our own transmitters but I need a rest right now ,oh and thanks for all your emails and messages.Thanks also the other people that have help me out.There are some nice people out there LA Paul Watt 73