Monday, May 07, 2018

Bogusman eQSL and Delta Radio photo

eQSL received from Bogusman - skip actually short enough to hear for a change.

Delta Radio Int sent some photos. He said the station has been around since the 1970s but has not been heard on shortwave for several years. He said he will produce a QSL for future broadcasts. I believe this is a separate Delta Radio from two other Delta radios on shortwave - one who also calls himself Technical Man and Delta Radio (West Brabant).

Many thanks.


Anonymous said...

Delta - Ruurlo or the other Delta?

How many Dutch Deltas have there been?

I think I have QSLs from 3 x Delta's, all from NL

How about Radio Windmill, Radio Wooden Clog or Radio Gouda?

I think we have had enough Deltas?


Anonymous said...

There are too many Dutch stations, full stop.

Anonymous said...

There are never too many stations in this day and age of declining interest from broadcasters and listeners.

Anonymous said...

So, you advocate quantity over a decline in quality and individuality? Many stations sadly no longer with us had far more about them without today's so-called technological advancements. We now have a multitude of bland, unadventurous stations churning out hours of streamed, turgid pre-recorded output.A lot of the Dutch stations sound as if we are intruding upon their Citizens Band conversations.

Anonymous said...

Do the Dutchies really go in for"hours of streamed, turgid pre-recorded output" Maybe you are thinking of UK based programs?

Only station I can think of that meets the criteria of pre recorded is FRSH but I for one enjoy their programs.

True, many Dutchies on SW are an extension of MW CB style stations. Completely boring with zero character, the schlafer music is fine but it would be nice to hear a voice behind the mic from time to time.

Anyway we need Jock from WMR and the BRI boys to get back on the airwaves.

Anonymous said...


Always entertaining listening.