Monday, May 14, 2018

eQSLs from Bogusman and Radio Revox

Quick reply from Radio Revox, heard yesterday with a good signal. Also received was the latest eQSL from Bogusman - although his signal was better on the Saturday than the Sunday. 
Many thanks.


Anonymous said...

I heard Bogusman on MW in March and sent them a report. Unfortunateley they only seem to answer YOU?! So, do you have a valid e-mail access for Bogusman and The Ghoul? I will give them a try again, maybe I will have a chance to receive an answer also

uk dxer said...

I will often receive an eQSL in my email if I've logged The Ghoul/Bogusman - I think Irish Paul also gets them without sending a report.

The email address is

The reply comes from "QSL helper" - I don't think Bogus has a computer!

Anonymous said...

He/they certainly DON'T 100% reply!

Anonymous said...

They do eventually reply...their 'system' isn't the most efficient!

Irish Paul said...

Hi Paul,
You are correct i to receive a E-Qsl from The Bogusman/The Ghoul for my logging of there stations without sending a report.


Anonymous said...

Revox has nice programs to listen to online on