Saturday, May 05, 2018

Sat May 5

6205 1227 Laser Hot Hits. Ian Lawrence show. China Crisis "Wishful Thinking," Kane Gang "Motor Town." SINPO 55444.
6275 2147 Radio Delta Int. "When the Bullet Hits the Bone," IDs, strong. New station? SINPO 55444.
6285 1220 Coast FM v relay. George Michael "Different Corner," Tenerife adverts. SINPO 44433.
6305 1740 Radio Merlin Int. Sixties sounds "I'll Never Get Over You," "Bachelor Boy." SINPO 34333.
6325 1753 Bogusman. Boomtown Rats "She's So Modern", talk about Abba recording music again, Abba "Under Attack." SINPO 33333.
6375 1235 Harmony Radio. "Those Were the Days," "I Will Be Loving You Always." SINPO 54444.
6390 1815 Panda Radio. ID, Johnny Cash. SINPO 34333.
7726 1805 Zeppelin Radio (pres). Instrumental music, static noise high tonight. SINPO 25232.

(via Kiwi SDR, SW England)

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