Friday, December 29, 2006

Radio Campervan

"Radio Campervan will make an freq change to 6475 khz on the 30th of December starting the show at 09.00UTC.

We will have a special guest in the studio - DJ Starfighter from ex Radio Ravens, a Swedish pirate station active 1998.

So you can look forward to a nice show and a lot of rock music.

Best regards from Mr Campervan and DJ Starfighter"


Anonymous said...

Maybe we start 1 hour earlier, either way we will be on air saturday morning
Mr Canpervan

Achim Brückner said...

Hear some rock sounds on 6475 Khz at 0835 Utc O=2/3 into northern Germany. 0843 Utc Hold the line. Unfortunatelly a bit utility QRM but S=7 nice signal.