Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Tues Dec 19

6220: Mystery Radio with pops @ 1515. Fair signal (33433). Tried to listen to Andy Walker and Chris Ise but signal @ 1850 poor-fair with a lot of noise just below 6220. Now as I type this at 2115, signal booming in with non-stop pop at s9+10dB - shame they're not on now!!

6300: Free Radio Holland heard @ 1605 playing schlager. Signal fading out. Gave email address as freeradioholland @ hotmail.com SINPO 34433.

updated 9.15pm


Anonymous said...

Steve from Underground phoned me last night and said the signal was off the end of the meter at his QTH around 2200.
I think we are live tonight on Mystery.

AW (Central Europe)

uk dxer said...

No signal at all tonight (Weds)from when I got home about 8pm. It seems to be changing day to day at moment.