Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Tues Dec 26

Conditions started off okay but faded during the morning, better in afternoon.

3902: Unid Dutch station playing schlager, two men in long talk in Dutch @ 2050. Didn't hear mention of station name. Maybe Radio Continental? SINPO 34333. (Dr Tim's logs IDed this as Wig Wam Team).

6200: Radio Mistletoe with a repeat of Christmas show @ 1020. Good signal (44444).

6210: Radio Telstar South playing 60s music @ 1120. SINPO 34333.

6220: Mystery Radio @ 0940 with non-stop pop. SINPO 34433.

6260: Radio Robbie heard with Christmas music @ 0915. Signal poor-fair (34333).

6260: West Coast Radio playing Pink Floyd, 10CC, @ 1425. Good signal but occasional burst of strong utility. SINPO 43433.

6265: Antonio Radio playing schlager @ 0915, co-channel with another station. SINPO 43433.

6265: Premier Radio with 70s music @ 1305. Signal struggling. SINPO 34433.

6277: Bogusman reading out emails @ 1400 and playing his usual obscure music. SINPO 43433.

6280: Radio Atlantis with a good signal @ 0920, but QRM from another station on 6281 (Merlin?). Atlantis playing oldies, dance music. SINPO 43433.

6280: Radio Merlin Int with dance music, IDs. Giving out phone number and email address: radiomerlin @ blueyonder.co.uk SINPO 33333.

6290: Radio Scotland Int heard @ 1015 talking about testing his transmitter which was giving problems, played New Order song. SINPO 33433.

6295: Unid station playing rock/indie music @ 1125. Poor signal but sounded like UK station (XTC, Bogusman?). SINPO 23432.

6300: Hot Radio @ 0925 with dance music, talk in Dutch. SINPO 34433. (New info says this Top Radio, see comments)

6310: Radio Bonofox playing Boney M songs @ 0930. SINPO 34433.

6310: Unid station playing non-stop dance music @ 1445. Probably Radio Malaisy (how about a few jingles?). SINPO 33333. As I type this at 1525, all pirates have faded out except 6310 and Mystery Radio on 6220 - suggesting both these stations from southern Europe (Italy).

6315: Dutch station playing oldies @ 1025. Signal poor-fair. Talk in Dutch but couldn't catch station name. SINPO 23332.

6575: Radio Sparks (tent) @ 1035 with oldies. Poor signal. SINPO 24332.

(updated 9.55pm)


Anonymous said...

The unid on 6282 kHz in the morning was very likely not Radio Merlin but someone from Holland judging by the signal strength. There was mainly 80s pop and no anns at all.

Are you sure of the Hot Radio ID for 6300? The SRS loglist mentions a Topradio from Rotterdam.

uk dxer said...

It could be Top Radio - it was certainly short station name and my Dutch isn't too good. I'll change that.