Monday, February 26, 2007

Mon Feb 26

6220: Mystery Radio coming in well again this evening. Heard @ 1745 with pop and jingles. SINPO 44433.


Gash said...

Coming in here in South Liverpool very well around 11:30pm. Never seem to catch any live shows - just the non stop music which isn't really that engaging. Is there any pattern to when the shows are on or do you just have to get lucky?

uk dxer said...

It seems to be weekday evenings from about 6-7pm and weekends either Sat evenings or Sunday mornings.

But there is no regular schedule. It said on Alfa Lima's forum that Andy Walker (one half of the live team) was back in the UK although I did hear a show from Chris Ise in Germany last week.

My best bet is to tune around these times and you might get lucky!

Anonymous said...

Live and recorded shows are on Saturday evenings from around 1900utc.
AW now in the US.