Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Radio Rainbow

Radio Rainbow has moved to 6250, 24 hours a day according to message left on this blog.

Unfortunately I can't hear anything on 6250 at present (1130UTC), apart from occasional utilities, to confirm it. Not hearing anything on 6300 either!

If 6250 is the new frequency then RRI might face co-channel QRM during parts of the day from North Korea and Iran who are both listed as using this frequency.


Anonymous said...

Hi. I looked on but there is nothing on that frequency, were did you get that info?
Gr; Klaas. ( )

Achim Brückner said...

Hi, Eibi lists the following on 6250 Khz:

6250 1430-1530 IRN IRIB Teheran R EEu /LTU
6250 2100-1900 KRE PBS Pyongyang K FE
6250 0945-0200 PRU R.La Voz de Andahuaylas S PRU
6250 0200-0400 RUS Voice of Russia R NAm

73 achim

uk dxer said...

My source was the same as Achim's.

Iran has scaled down its use of 6250 in recent weeks but Pyongyang can be heard in the afternoon when conditions for Asian reception are favourable.