Friday, February 09, 2007

Radio Rainbow to move

Message from Radio Rainbow:

Dear freedom lovers;

It came to our knowledge there is a unwritten agreement between several free radio stations about 6300 khz.

There is also a free radio station transmitting from the Sahara which choose this frequency.

Because of our great respect for free radio stations of good will, we have decided to change our frequency of our 24 hour service Radio Rainbow International - the Voice of Peace.

We ordered equipment for another frequency. It will take about 2 weeks before we are receiving this. Until than we will be on 6300 khz, as published worldwide.

We wish you all the best and are looking forward of cooperation between our stations for free radio and peace sake! Let us all promote real freedom, peace of mind and loving awareness, no matter what 'they' say!

Best wishes;

(info via Dr Tim News)

At the moment Radio Rainbow is inaudible for most of the time on 6300, even when the frequency is clear. As I type this @ 1045, I can hear nothing on 6300. If it want to provide a 24 hour service, the station will need to do something so its signal can be heard properly. ukdxer


Anonymous said...

this is a joke, right ?

hard core dx has no mention of logging them in the past week.

i guess these are the same people who claimed to broadcast from the north sea every sunday ?

they dont say which frequency they are moving to !

and where are the transmissions surposed to be coming from ?

i think if you look towards holland, you might find the answer.

uk dxer said...

I'm not sure. I've not had a positive ID on 6300 although I have seen recent loggings for the station on 6300.

I await further developments.

Anonymous said...

they were all week since thursday febr. 1 on 6300. According to logs on achims free radio site, doctor tim and this site. Now they are on 6230, testing it seems. Several people get a delay mail from greenpeace saying ' the mv Esperanza is out orf reach for a period of time now' when they mailed to their adres. Programming is ok, jingles etcetera, the loving awareness stuff, (could it be Ronan?) and more, they serve a purpose which is ok i think, are probably the only pirate at the moment doing so..

Anonymous said...

They have to do something with laser and Caroline. So they seem to boost the free radio scene..

uk dxer said...

6230 is a rubbish frequency here.

At the moment there is a very strong utility (S9+10dB) - just continual noise. There seems to be utility activity around here most times of the day (which is probably why the pirates never use it).

Also some international broadcasters like Cairo use this channel.

Anonymous said...

Now they also transmit on saturdays via laserhothits, every hour on 6275 khz.And they have some sites and links on