Thursday, February 08, 2007

Thurs Feb 8

6220: Mystery Radio with pop @ 1810. Fair signal. SINPO 33433.

6310: Radio Odyssey from Greece heard @ 1730 playing music by Bob Marley, before playing rock music. Occasional IDs heard in English. Fair signal here. Email address: odyssey.greece @ SINPO 33333.


Radio Bermudadreieck said...

Nice to see, that the greek stations also ID in English now. Greek is unreadable for most of us. German would be also nice. Hi. Heard this station also very low at this time, but heard no ID (SINPO was 1-2), so maybe more next time. BERMUDA will be back on sunday morning together with SONAR from Germany. More information to come,also for your blog.. DJ Dipol

uk dxer said...

There seems to be more shortwave activity from Greece recently. This is my first log of a Greek pirate.

I hope conditions good on Sunday to hear your station and Radio Sonar.