Friday, February 29, 2008

Fri Feb 29

4025: Laser Hot Hits playing dance music @ 0955. Fair signal with some fading. SINPO 34433.

6140: KBC v Lithuania on its new frequency @ 2130 with Wolfman Jack. Splash from 6145. SINPO 43433. The station is asking for help to find a clear channel within the 49mb.

6264: Radio Gay (tent) heard @ 2115 playing The Cure "Close to Me." Weak signal and lot of fading so not easy to hear. SINPO 24332. Click here for recording.

6265: Radio Oscar Zulu heard @ 1250 playing 60s music, ID and promo for the Summer Meeting. SINPO 34433.

6321: Radio Pionier heard @ 1010 playing schlager with IDs. Modulation made audio sound a bit distorted. SINPO 33433.

(updated 21:30UTC)


Anonymous said...

6264 sounds like
Radio Gay - homosexual music!!!

Anonymous said...

Thats judging by the recording on Foton's website

uk dxer said...

Michal (Foton) sent me his recording which is a lot clearer than mine. It sounds like "Radio Gay...can't understand next bit...homosexual music...the radio for the different people."

Although the music wasn't very gay...mainly 80s pop - The Cure, OMD. No Village People?