Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thurs Feb 28

4025: Laser Hot Hits with Lee Richards' A-Z of Classic Pop programme @ 1535 with a good signal of S9-S9+10dB. SINPO 44444. It's a shame 6421 can't be more consistent.

6265: KBC v Lithuania @ 2135 with the Wolfman Jack show. Strong signal - S9 to S9+20dB. SINPO 55544. KBC moves to 6140 tomorrow (although I have also seen 6055 mentioned). I wonder why this last minute change of frequency? I saw on DX Listening Digest that the VO Islamic Republic of Iran relays via Lithuania are also moving off 6265. I wonder if Lithuania has been told to get off this channel due to QRM to utility?

6925u: Spider Radio heard @ 2140 playing "Life in the Fast Lane." Some other SSB and utility QRM. SINPO 23332.

(updated 21:45UTC)


Anonymous said...

48 metres has become overspill from the 49 mb for international stations all the way from 6200- 6300.

Will any other countries move back into the broadcast bands?

I can't see North Korea or Western Sahara changing frequencies!!

We need 48 metres for the pirates....

Anonymous said...

How are these stations getting away with broadcasting on this band?

I understood that this is the Maritime band.

Have certain frequencies been re-allocated for broadcast use or are these ststions just as illeagal as the pirates? b