Monday, December 21, 2009

New Year's Eve broadcasts

Czech pirate Radio Bila Hora has announced its annual New Year's Eve broadcast which will be starting on Dec 31 at 1600UTC on 3333 kHz, 1233 kHz and 96.9 MHz.

Email address is: rbh (at) and the web address is

Also on New Year's Eve is the annual Radio East Coast Holland/Voice of the Netherlands broadcast.

On Alfalima's forum they say: "We will use two freq. one in the medium wave band on 1476khz and on short wave we will use the 6202khz freq. Our hotline will be open and you can send the sms to use well none number and that is 0031-625426740. Hopefully you will enjoy the live programming from the Netherlands with Ronald e.c.h. and Gerrit v.o.t.n."

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