Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sun Dec 20

3905: Weekend Music Radio with Jack talking about QSLs, playing rock music @ 1545. SINPO 44433.

4025: Laser Hot Hits with Stewart Ross playing Kim Wilde "Chequered Love" @ 1342. Good signal. SINPO 44333. 

5815: Radio Altrex playing Abba "Dancing Queen" @ 1002. SINPO 34333.

5825: Polaris Radio (tent) heard briefly @ 1110, off with ID. SINPO 34333.

6140: European Music Radio via Wertachtal playing REO Speedwagon @ 1025. Strong signal. SINPO 55444.

6205: Radio Borderhunter with instrumental music @ 0915, talking about all the snow that fell in the night. Strong signal. SINPO 54444.

6210: Misti Radio playing "The Twist" @ 0835. Fair signal. SINPO 34333.

6210: Radio Nordsee Int with RNI theme @ 1240, co-channel with Misti Radio. SINPO 32432.

6216: Radio King Shortwave playing "Rocking Around the Christmas Tree" @ 0920, splash from stronger stations nearby. SINPO 23332.

6220: Mystery Radio playing "Rock Your Baby" @ 0900. SINPO 44433.

6260: Radio Scirocco playing "Do They Know It's Christmas?" @ 1040. Fair signal. SINPO 33333.

6265: Radio Geronimo playing Peter Frampton "Show Me The Way" @ 0925. Dave Scott said now using higher power. Good signal with strong peaks. SINPO 44444.

6280: Radio Altrex heard @ 0840 also talking about the snow, greeting listeners and playing oldies. SINPO 34433.

6280: Radio Devalon with free radio news and rock n roll @ 0955. SINPO 44444.

6285: Radio Hollandia heard @ 0955 with first broadcast. Weak signal and splash from 6280. SINPO 23332. 

6285: Delta Radio playing Christmas music @ 1155. SINPO 54444.  

6289: Radio Mustang with ID and Dutch songs. SINPO 33433. 

6290: Trans Europe Radio playing "Frosty the Snowman" @ 0950. Fair-good signal. SINPO 33433.

6290: Radio Skywire heard @ 1055 with polka and IDs, some utility QRM. SINPO 33333.

6295: Radio Quintus with "Bohemian Rhapsody" @ 1145. SINPO 33433.

6297: Condor Radio with dance music @ 0930, some utility QRM. SINPO 43443.

6303: Radio Mazda with "Venus" @ 1000, moved to 6305. Good signal, some splash from Delta. SINPO 43443.

6305: Radio Malaisy with dance music @ 1540, jingle IDs. SINPO 34433.

6310: Delta Radio with instrumental music @ 0845. Good-strong signal. SINPO 44444.

6325: Radio Waves Int with country music @ 0905, ID. SINPO 34433.

6400: Weekend Music Radio back on the air, giving out email address - studio @, playing AC-DC @ 0855. SINPO 34333. The signal soon picked up and was around S9+20dB for rest of the day. Good to have them back!

6410: Free Radio Victoria playing Lou Bager @ 1015, splash from utility on 6405. SINPO 43443.

6415: Radio Marconi playing Meatloaf @ 1120. SINPO 43443.

6424: Unid station heard playing "Freed From Desire" @ 0850, no IDs heard, off at 0905. Possibly Pionier. SINPO 34333.

6524: Radio Ramona playing Martika @ 1008. Fair signal. SINPO 34333.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the log. Geronimo back on air Christmas Day with another new programme. You can also catch me from 1145URC on Sun 27 Dec on FRS Holland.

Anonymous said...

hmm.. I wonder who is relaying WMR on 3905. Not official.,

Is this the same old hoax WMR from over in Western Ireland??

uk dxer said...

Interesting ... the WMR hoax station didn't broadcast while the real WMR was off air!

Anonymous said...

hes back.. the wmr hoax..

Anonymous said...

I remember years ago someone was putting out hoax programmes from the Welsh SW station Voice of the Leek in the same way. You'd think they'd have enough imagination to think of programmes of their own to broadcast wouldnt you? Perhaps they're just incapable of putting together a show eh....

Anonymous said...

Perhaps they just like WMR. i have to say though, it's great to have WMR back on shortwave and the programs are always very interesting and well put together but the signal down on 76mb was far more reliable and constant than that of 6400khz. With the current sunspot cycle the way it is at present it's always a good idea to broadcast lower down the HF spectrum and i did read somewhere on the net that the maximum usable frequency at the moment is 4mhz. anyway, whoever is putting out the WMR programs is doing a mighty fine job if you ask me.the signal down on 76mb last night was absolutely stonking in at 1am this morning. perhaps Jack should get that old valve TX re-tuned down to 76.

Anonymous said...

true, the signal of 3mhz was good.

But remember this is a malicious jammer as well. The unknown tx was known to jam WMR in the past..

If the station wants to relay WMR regularly, get in touch!! We can make sure you have the programming!!!! lol

Never noticed reflections on the air last night??

Jack, WMR

Anonymous said...

76 is only good if you want limited coverage. 6400 was able to be heard much further throughout the day. A stonking signal maybe when your at the tx ;-), but here the signal got progressivly worse after 6pm. By 9 it had completely faded. Plus noise levels have been very high on 76 recently.
If the guy on 3905 last night is the same idiot that jammed WMR before, then Jack should stay well away from him. A troublemaker!

Anonymous said...

Mmm, very good point. no reflections. you dont think it was the reflections TX on 3905 or should i say 3904.5khz? from my location just south of liverpool i was getting a signal bareing W SW on my loop antenna which suggests ireland or north wales area. very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Limited coverage. are you mad. Take the bogusman, he only broadcasts down on 76 these days and has received letters and emails from newfoundland in canada, several states across the pond and puts out a cracking signal all over europe and into the balkans and behond every time he makes a broadcast. it's far from limited.

Anonymous said...

@ the poster from Liverpool, it must be in Ireland then. Using a loop here last time he was on, this gives me a fairly good idea of where it is.

Anonymous said...

The bogusman does use big power at times though. he has the old livewire radio TX that Bill Lewis sold to him along with all his other equipment. i took these pics at the shack back in the summer.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it was the Reflections transmitter. 3910 was a far superior signal here. Also, this was coming from further south.

Anonymous said...

Aha, I wasn't suggesting the rogue transmission was coming from the reflections tx. I was passing comment because I know the operator and always like to know if he is in good health etc. Not seen him in many years.

Interesting bearing on 3905. Tnx. We took a few bearings a couple of years ago as well..... with interesting results...

Jack, WMR

Anonymous said...

nice to hear WMR back on the shortwave bands. please dont leave it another 2yrs before we hear another transmission. it's a shame we dont hear more of stations from the british isles. keep it alive guys..

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, remember when me & Chris Watson came to see you Jack and we were putting out announcements to discredit the hoax broadcaster then. Seems a long time ago now. Good to have ytou back on air again ol pal!

Anonymous said...

Yes, gees that was about 25 years ago!!!!! Difficult to believe!!

I remember the hoax vo leek as well!!!

BTW I was listening to you guys at the weekend too....

you guys keep the flag flying too!!!!

Not heard from Mr Geronimo in a long time either....

Jack, WMR

Anonymous said...

xmas was FUN on wmr,with live broadcasts. even a piper seein in the new year.. great MEMORYS...!!!