Monday, December 28, 2009

North American logs

Some logs from Joe Wood in Greenback, Tennessee, USA:
6925 WHYP. 1425-1434+. Christmas Day, 2009. EG. ID and James Brownyard recounting tales of Christmases past. Music included Burl Ives “Holly Jolly Christmas,” and others. P-F.

6925  UNID. 1751-1817+. 27 Dec 09. EG. Maybe WNKR. Heavy static and fades. OM anncr with British accent playing what sounded like Motown mx. The reception was just one-step above “rhythmic static.” Poor.

6950 WNKR. 2110-2125. 27 Dec 09. EG. ID as “Your #1 Radio Station-WNKR.” Music by the Beatles and other 1960’s British pop. Parallel bx on 6925. This is the first time I can remember a pirate being broadcast on two different freqs at the same time. 6950 had a much better signal. Good.

6950u Radio Bunny/WBNY. 1819-1827+. 27 Dec 09. EG. Several Radio Bunny/WBNY ID’s. Ments of this being a “Special Broadcast,” and tk of somebody “Driving the pirates away.” Poor. (Wood, TN).

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Anonymous said...

The WNKR NA relays were only 4-5 seconds apart. 6950 tx was 20 watts and 6925 was 250 watts.

WNKR staff :>)