Thursday, December 03, 2009

Thurs Dec 3

1395: Big L/KBC heard @ 2250 with Wolfman Jack show, song "Bobby's Girl," Big L International IDs. Also ads for KBC Imports. SINPO 44433. 

6220: Mystery Radio with dance music and jingle ID @ 1855. Fair-good signal, but some fading/ SINPO 44433.

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uk dxer said...

Good to hear Big L back on 1395. When nothing happened on the original start date at beginning of Nov - and all went quiet for the rest of the month - a lot of people began to wonder if it was just another rumour.

But it seems all those doubters have been proved wrong and Big L is back putting in a good strong signal in this part of the world after dark.

It is just a shame they have to shut down from 7-10pm every night to make way for Albania.

Anyway, good luck to Big L & KBC