Sunday, December 14, 2014

No Christmas show from Weekend Music Radio

Jack of WMR has updated his website:
"WMR and RADIO GSV are taking a break for now to try and find a new remote broadcast site. The last transmission for WMR was 23rd November. This was forced upon us due to web trolls that made broadcasting from the Radio GSV fixed location too risky. We had a good run though. It is just a shame that we probably will not make it on the airwaves this Christmas time as planned.

The programme on 23rd November featured a recording from Radio Woodstock from 1980, a Scottish pirate station that ran live from Falkirk for a few months, and took phone calls live on air."

It is a big shame that some idiots have decided to sabotage WMR/GSV's broadcasts. Hopefully they can find a new secure location and return to the airwaves soon.


Anonymous said...

What a pity. Weekend Music Radio's Christmas and New Year broadcasts were always a great listen in previous years - going right back to the 1980's. Anoraky, nice music, good signals. Such a shame that wreckers have come in to threaten the WMR/GSV stations. I sympathise because when I was involved in an FM pirate radio station many, many years ago, we enjoyed a great run of broadcasting until some bigheaded git emailed in to say that he'd report the station to the Radiocommunications Agency (as it was in those days). We had no choice but to go off the air.

Anonymous said...

Good luck, wmr and gsv, i hope you find a secure site, and look forward to hearing you both back on the airwaves in 2015.!!! dont give in to a few mindless people. they will never win in what they are trying to ruin a free radio station that has been around since 1980.