Friday, December 05, 2014

Radio Mi Amigo (Spain) news

Hello Shortwave listeners,

Hope, you have a wonderful Christmas time in your country. We are there for you every Sunday 8 hours on shortwave and have a lot of specials for you. Don't forget to send in your song-requests and greetings for the shows on Sunday 21st December up to the 10th December to:

Please write also, which DJ should read your request, the programme line-up you find always on:

Also you have the chance to win big prizes, like Radio Mi Amigo Souvenir-Packages and a Tablet-PC. The only thing you have to do: Take your Smartphone, Tablet, I-Phone or whatever and go into your Google-play-store or Apple-i-tune store and get the radiomiamigo app for free. Search here for the word: radiomiamigo

When you got it on your mobile, just take a picture of it, where we can see the Mi Amigo App and send it to:

You can listen now to our programms 24h a day and with a little luck win a big prize. More infos you will find on Facebook:

Don't forget to "LIKE" us there, thanks a lot.

We hope to get a lot of mails and letters during the Christmas-time if it is reception-reports, song requests or whatever.

Have a great xmas-time together with Radio Mi Amigo

Note: Radio Mi Amigo on the air on Sundays from 0700-1000 UTC on 6005 kHz and 1100-1400 UTC on 7310 kHz. More info

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