Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Wed Dec 31

Happy New Year!

3325 1547 Misti Radio. Testing on usual freq. Rock. SINPO 24332.
6207 1603 Radio Caroline-Rainbow. Many IDs, dance mx. SINPO 34333.
6238 1710 Radio Pirana. Non-stop Latin American music, via European relay, good peaks. SINPO 34333.
6267 1554 Skyline Radio Germany. Rock. SINPO 34333.
6284 1559 Radio Black Arrow. Inst mx, signing off. SINPO 54444.
6284 1652 Radio Underground. DT song, ID, greetings, strong peaks. SINPO 44433.
6295 1611 Radio Babysitter (Black Bandit). Country and DT mx. SINPO 54444.
6305 1658 Radio Merlin Int. Supergrass, talk about NY Eve. SINPO 34333.
6803 1608 Radio Pink Panther. Country mx. SINPO 54444.

(via Twente SDR)


Anonymous said...

2 stations on 6305. nice audio mess. dont the check the frequency ,,before switching on.?

uk dxer said...

Merlin was on 6305 and another station came on 6306 - just check on the Twente SDR and you can see straight away which frequencies are free so there's no excuse for that.

There seemed to be a lot of stations on this afternoon not giving any IDs and just pumping out non-stop music. Very frustrating when you waiting for an ID.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for such log of us again and all the best for you and your nice friend for the year 2015!!!!!!!!!!


The Alpine Blogger said...

Worth checking Twente and Central England SDR; some stations obviously audible at times on one but not the other.

uk dxer said...

All the best for 2015 Caroline!