Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Nord AM on New Year's Day

Dear all,

2014 is almost over and we're looking forward to an exciting New Year with great music from all over the world. So why not welcome 2015 together with our little, tiny radio-show called NordAM? We bring you some nice Indie tunes as well as some random chatter in German. Sounds great, anyway, doesn't it?

Okay. Anyway: Here's our schedule:

January 1
1300-1400 UTC: 7310 kHz
1500-1600 UTC: 6005 kHz
1800-1900 UTC: 3985 kHz
(All frequencies via Kall-Krekel, Germany, power: 1 kW)

Please see to find out how you can listen to us via the internet. You are invited to pay a visit to our Facebook page where we'll also post the links for our live-streaming: By the way, detailed reception reports will be confirmed with a printed OR electronic QSL-card. (Please note that everyone who listens to us via WebSDR or a live-stream will receive an eQSL.) Our address is nordam @ Please allow us some time to answer your reports.

Our broadcast is made possible thanks to SHORTWAVESERVICE and our friends at RADIO 700. See their website or for more info about their services. (They're great, trust us!)

We look forward to hearing from you and wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR and lots of fun in the world of radio.

All the best,
Torben & Daniel

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