Friday, August 04, 2006

Fri Aug 4

A day off today so was able to have a quick tune around in the afternoon and heard Radio Zeelandia on 6270 @ 1445 playing schlager, but suffering splash from Laser on 6274. SINPO 33433.

In the evening, I heard Radio Fox 48 from Norway on 6300 @ 1940 playing the Freddie Mercury song "Barcelona" and giving ID. Signal poor with fair peaks (34333).

Radio Quintus was on 3928 @ 2040 giving out SMS number, ID in English and Dutch. Again poor signal reaching fair levels, although did improve later on around 2150. (34333). Email is

The mystery station on 6401 was on again tonight with non-stop music from 70s/80s. Fair signal (34333).

Radio Romeo Echo was on 6325 playing schlager @ 2055. Also offering "a nice QSL" for reception reports to Off at 2145.

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The Radio Recorder said...

Thanks for id-ing a couple of my unids. Radio Fox 48 had a fair signal on 6300 but suffered from thunderstorm crackle and was hard to comprehend.
Also caught ther Dutch on 3928 kHz at 2205 utc apparently just before signing off.
Laser Hot Hits was logged on 6275 kHz with the Jolly Roger show (not Jolly Roger Radio) but was weaker compared to Fox.
Didn't catch the broadcast by KWRN Nordland Radio that was announced for 1900 utc on 6325 kHz. Perhaps the op had problems with local thunderstorms, too.
On medium wave there was Radio Armada from Holland strong on 1655 kHz around 2100 utc playing German tunes and "Caroline". I wonder if that was the same station which was active already in the 1980s from Lemelerveld.