Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Wed Aug 2

A bit of a mess of stations around 6400.

There was a Dutch station on 6403 @ 1930 playing schlager but couldn't catch the ID due to splash from 6401. SINPO 23332.

The station on 6401 was presumed to be Weekend Music Radio playing non-stop oldies. Heard @ 1940 with Chas & Dave, No Doubt and Hall & Oates. Deep fades but signal did reach good levels - 43433. A whistle from the other station on 6403.

Radio Verona was heard on 6295 with a good signal @ 2020 playing schlager and giving out a number for SMS messages in English, Dutch and German. SINPO 44433.


Anonymous said...

Not WMR on 6401 but not bad for 7 Watts,eh?

uk dxer said...

If not WMR who was it? Good for 7 watts - signal better than the station on 6403 most of the time.