Saturday, August 12, 2006

Sat Aug 12

Valley Wave Radio, presumed, on 6306 @ 0910 playing instrumental electronic music, including Kraftwerk's "Tour de France." Beginning to fade badly, no IDs heard. SINPO 34433. If it was VWR, first time I've logged this station for several months.

Radio Paardenkracht playing music by Rolling Stones on 6295 @ 1410. Announcement in Dutch, including email address. Off at 1423. SINPO 34433.

Radio Valencia was playing country & western music on 6310 @ 1430. SINPO 34333.

Evening conditions on 48 metres not good again - only two stations logged, apart from the regulars.

Radio Skywire heard on 6306 playing music by Dire Straits @ 1920. Went off 10 minutes later. SINPO 34333.

Weekend Music Radio was on 6401 @ 2045 playing rock music, talking about how much colder weather is in Scotland now. (I now, it feels like September here, too!) Signal not nearly as strong as previous weeks. SINPO 34333.

It was not all bad news.

On 75m Radio Spaceman was putting in a great signal on 3923 @ 1935 with a 54444 SINPO. Still going as I type this @ 2225, signal still 9+20dB. Joined by Boomerang, Delta, Xanadu. Went off @ 2255. Later heard on 1645 medium wave in QSO with Barcelona and Digital.

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free radio listener said...

Yes nothing could compete with the Spaceman signal on 3923, still going strong by 2130. This was a joint-venture with Xanadu and Delta.

Earlier that evening, by 1930 Radio Eastside International from Germany was testing a new tx on 6307 saying that more tests are to be expected soon.