Saturday, August 05, 2006

Sat Aug 5

Good conditions with 48 metres holding out well into the evening.

Radio Digital was playing 60s mx @ 1645 on 6311. Fair signal (33433). He was back later in the evening on 6311, signing off @ 2215 with a 44444 SINPO. Gave email address of

Weekend Music Radio was back on 6401 @ 1730 with rock music, het from another station (Radio Ramona). SINPO 43433.

Radio Oscar Zulu (ROZ) coming in well on 6268 @ 1735 with oldies. SINPO 34333. Email is Best signal I've heard from ROZ for some time, although did suffer briefly from QRM from a numbers station on 6270 (see note).

Delta Radio booming in on 6290, playing UB40 @ 1740, some dance music and off at 1807. SINPO 54444. Delta was back @ 2050 on 6305 playing non-stop music. Still going strong @ 2220, giving out mobile number, greeting listener in Finland in English (44444).

Radio Ramona was on 6400 - clashing with WMR again for most of the evening - although at 1840 Ramona was the stronger signal. Oldies, jingles. SINPO 33333. Maybe the two stations should let each other know when they plan to broadcast as they can't both use 6400 at the same time!

A station not heard for sometime was Radio Black Arrow who was on 6295 @ 2025 playing music from 80s & 90s. Gave out email address of

A weak station heard on 6300 @ 2100, squeezed between Delta & Black Arrow so couldn't ID.

Radio Scotland Int made a short test on 3931 @ 2215, playing "Silver Machine" and the theme from "Hawaii 5-O" before going off. SINPO 44433.


uk dxer said...

Dr Tim has ROZ's email as

Next time I'll have to listen closely to see if email address is c-hello or say-hello!

SWdx said...

I can confirm it's '', I had a response from my reception report.

uk dxer said...

Thanks, swdx.