Thursday, August 24, 2006

Thurs Aug 24

I go on holiday for a few days and when I came back this evening I found Laser Hot Hits had closed down! I saw the statement on their website ( about pressure from the authorities. The station broadcast from Ireland so I wonder if this was pressure from the Irish authorities (ComReg) or the UK authorities (Ofcom) getting tough on the guys behind Laser?

If this is an Irish clampdown how will it affect other 48m stations broadcasting from there, which includes the religious station, Reflections Europe?

The good thing about Laser was what whatever time of the day or night you could turn on the radio (conditions permitting) and hear free radio on shortwave. The band is strangely silent tonight.

Thanks Laser for your many, many hours of great programmes and all you've done over the years for free radio. You can still listen to the station via their website.

A new Dutch station was heard this evening on 48m.

Radio Bonovox was on 6305 @ 1915 playing a varied selection of Dutch and English music with announcements in English. SINPO 34333. He said it was his first time on 48 metres.

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Anonymous said...

The case of Laser leaves room for speculation. Was it actually a raid with all the equipment being taken or was there some other sort of pressure put upon Laser? How was it possible to run a daily service on various frequencies for years? And why was action taken just now? Is there some proof that they actually broadcasting from Ireland? Laser was always some sort of mystery radio (sorry I just had to play with that word) never giving away too many details about their whereabouts. Perhaps keeping quiet was also one of the reasons why they were able to run their service for so long.

I agree with UK DXer, Laser had a pretty high standard of programming and promoted the idea of free radio with the 24h service worldwide. I know that to many pirate operators and listeners Laser was a beacon station. The quality of the LHH signal was a good indication what propagation was like on the bands.

Thanks you to all the Laser crew for a lot of effort. I hope that the station will continue some way.