Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sun Aug 6

Conditions today started off well but deteriorated later.

Orion Radio heard signing off @ 0800 on 6290. Coming in with a good signal here (44444), using 350W.

On 6325 was Radio Paardenkracht with schlager @ 0805. Bit noisy on the frequency so only a 34333.

Premier Radio Int was heard competing with another station for 6265 @ 0810. Neither station dominated the channel so 32432 SINPO for Premier. When I returned to the frequency 10 minutes later, Premier was in the clear and coming in with a good signal (44444) playing the usual 70s music and jingles.

Radio Brigitte Int was on 6540 @ 0815 with good clear ID and email address in English, French and German, followed by schlager. SINPO 34333.

Delta Radio (Gelderland) was on 6290 playing the Rolling Stones @ 0830 and giving out the phone number in German and Dutch. SINPO 44433.

Weekend Music Radio was back on 6401 @ 0835 playing rock music. Signal faded out for most of the day but as type this (2020UTC) WMR is blasting in here with 9+20dB signal. Operator Jack talking about getting QSL cards printed for all the reception reports received.

Antonio Radio was playing polka @ 0840 on 6300. Splash from Delta Radio (33333).

Not a good day for reception of Radio Underground here. Picked him @ 0935 on 6311 with a fair, but noisy signal (34333). But not much trace of the signal for the rest of the day. I did hear him mention that WNKR would be making a special broadcast on 1476 next weekend to mark the anniversary of the Marine Offences Act.

Radio Saturnus was on 6285 @ 1000, giving out his phone number, email and playing oldies. Fair signal here (34333).

Radio Quintus was on 6291 @ 1200 playing polka, talk in Dutch. SINPO 34433.


Anonymous said...

>I did hear him mention that WNKR >would be making a special >broadcast on 1476 next weekend to >mark the anniversary of the >Marine Offences Act.

I believe it's 1395 we are using.


uk dxer said...

Sorry, I blame the crackle and fading!