Saturday, August 19, 2006

Sat Aug 19

German station Radio 73, which used to transmit via the Latvia transmitter, made a broadcast via IRRS on 9310. Heard @ 0900 but signal poor here (24332). The station is supposed to be repeating the programme tomorrow at 0700 on 9310 and Thursday at 1900 on 5775.

Radio Waves Int was heard on 6324 @ 1450 playing French music with talk in French. SINPO 34333.

A documentary about offshore pirate Radio London heard on 6401 @ 1455, which carried on for most of the evening. SINPO 34333 but stronger in the evening. Was this via Weekend Music Radio?

Skyline Radio Germany heard @ 1715 playing rock music on 6285, announcing the Neede mailing address and a new phone number. Fair signal here but a lot of static noise (34333 SINPO).

Weak signal heard on 6295 @ 1805 but couldn't make out an ID through the noise. Sounded German - Bermudadreieck?

Radio Ramona was on 6400 @ 1820, but a poor choice with the other station on 6401 so difficult to hear - SINPO 32332.

Radio Alfa Lima was on 6277 with a good signal @ 1835 playing dance music. Suffering some QRM from Laser although Alfa Lima had a stronger signal. 43433 SINPO.

A weak Dutch station heard on 3907 @ 1945 but nothing else on 75m.

But when darkness fell (about 2000UTC), everything faded out on 48m, including Laser and that was it!


uk dxer said...

In an email Vogelfreies Radio says station on 3907 was Radio Bluestar.

Achim, on his blog, confirms this (although my German is not very good!)

Radio Bermudadreieck said...

of course,station on 6295 was Bermudadreieck. Planned to be there hole night long, but we had techn.problems and px took only about 2 hours. Thanks for logging. Dj Dipol