Friday, January 18, 2008

Fri Jan 18

6925 (usb): Spider Radio (v.tent). Tuned in at 2300 and can just hear very faint music but not strong enough to identify. Could be Spider Radio as per alfalima reports.


Anonymous said...

Confirmed with ID as Spider Radio at 2330--weak, but readable. They gave the internet address but too weak--anyone have it?

Anonymous said...

S/off at 0009 on 19-1 ID in English after Taps on bugle--Indicated "Signing off from Athens Greece". Signal improved over 2326 logging.

Anonymous said...

More to this greek Station you can see in the next PIRTAE NEWS ISSUE on monday evening/night. With add and more. Yesterday evening/night I heard the Station here with a phantastic signal of 3-4 (SINPO) and diff. Modulation AM,USB and also a UNID Modulation (not AM, not SSB...) ans many breaks during the BC. Audio Report I will send to day to the Station.

Greetings from the "Doc......"

Anonymous said...

EQSL received in 114 minutes--nice red on Black EQSL with full data-includes location (Greece), and power (80 watts).

uk dxer said...

Good results, although it would be interesting to know what countries you're all in (apart from Dr Tim who I know is in Germany).

I hope to get better reception of Spider Radio at a future broadcast.

Look out for Barretina who is supposed to be on.