Friday, January 25, 2008

Fri Jan 25

3901: Bluestar Radio playing the Rolling Stones "Paint it Black" @ 1945. Fair-good signal. SINPO 34333.

3925: Radio Doctor Tim (tent) heard with a weak signal @ 2145. Slight het from another station, which according to Achim's blog is SW-Pirate. Dr Tim slightly stronger here. SINPO 23332.

3935: Laser Hot Hits (tent) heard @ 2250 with weak signal. Couldn't positively ID it but caught English accent. SINPO 24332.

6265: KBC with Wolfman Jack playing the Steve Gibbons Band @ 2200. Very strong - S9+30dB. SINPO 555544.

6305: Radio Zeelandia playing rock and dance music @ 1415. Splash from utility. SINPO 33433.

6310: Skywire Radio playing "Eloise" @ 1545, followed by ID and email address. SINPO 33433.

(updated 22:00UTC)


Anonymous said...

LHH is on 3935 khz so it seems, new frequency instaed of the 4025?

uk dxer said...

Very weak here. Can only just detect a signal. Might fade in better later!