Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sat Jan 26

3932: SW-Pirate heard @ 2125 with jingle ID and what sounded like a relay of a German station playing ballads, but difficult to follow due to noise levels. SINPO 34332.

4025: Laser Hot Hits with Jackson Browne song and greeting listeners @ 2315. Coming in quite well at this time - S8-9. SINPO 44333. At 2325, Martin Scott was heard talking about Colin Dixon ahead of playing his final show.

6262: Radio Altrex playing rock music @ 1030. Strong utility QRM. SINPO 32432.

625: KBC with Radio Mi Amigo @ 2140 playing oldies. Strong signal. SINPO 54444.

6270: Unid station playing schlager @ 0915. Ute QRM. SINPO 33333.

6275: Laser Hot Hits @ 1155 with Steve Roberts playing Sheryl Crowe. SINPO 34433.

6306: Radio Brandaris Int playing some instrumental music @ 1645. Fair signal but fading out. SINPO 34433.

6925u: Spider Radio heard @ 1900 with Mike Oldfield's "Moonlight Shadow" peaking above the noise. Weak signal. SINPO 24332.

9290: Radio Caroline v Latvia with the Rob Leighton tribute show @ 1400. Fair bit of fading on the signal this afternoon. SINPO 45433. To hear recording click here

(updated 23:30UTC)


Anonymous said...

i am hearing now on LHH 6275 khz collin Dixons last show and all day a remember- jingle and music

Anonymous said...

R Altrex closed down at 1140:30.