Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Wed Jan 9

6265: KBC via Lithuania @ 2200 with Wolfman Jack. Much more disturbed signal tonight - hovering between S7-9. SINPO 44433.

I notice on the alfalima site there has been a lot of wild speculation about what's happened to WMR's website which is offline at the moment. I remember hearing Jack advising people last weekend to use the old WMR email address so he must've known there were problems. We might have to wait to hear if WMR are on air this weekend with an explanation. Let's hope it's nothing serious!


MJ said...

It is only someone from the distant past trying but failing to be amusing.

WMR is fine.

Anonymous said...

I have the inside word from my mole in the WMR camp. It all kicked off 2 weekends ago.
Both TX sites were raided along with the studios and the website was shut down as it promoted free thought!!

Actually the truth is somewhat duller. The site is down for maintainance or whatever its called. The 6400 was on lower power also for maintainance,back on full last week, and the 39xx Tx service is indefinatly suspended.

Thats it in a nutshell. All is OK b

Anonymous said...

Uk dxer, your date is wrong.
I think that should be Wednesday 9th

uk dxer said...

Date corrected! It is all these holidays - I forget what day of the week it is!

As for WMR, let's see what happens next...

Anonymous said...

That's better ;o)