Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sat Jan 19

3905: Radio Borderhunter with a tribute programme to German DXer Stefan Dietl. Heard @ 2300 playing German music. Good signal peaking at S9+10dB. SINPO 44433.

6216: Radio King Shortwave with a weak but readable signal @ 1020, playing oldies. SINPO 24332.

6275: Laser Hot Hits with the Rainbow programme signing off @ 1010. SINPO 34433.

6295: Grensstad Radio playing Bob Marley @ 1005, followed by ID. SINPO 34433. Back on this afternoon playing more Bob Marley @ 1425. Splash from Merlin. SINPO 33433.

6300: Radio Merlin Int signal faded in @ 1335. Heard with "You To Me Are Everything." Signal improving as I write this but still rapid fading. SINPO 34433.

6305: Unid station heard @ 1410 playing Led Zep's "Whole Lotta Love." Sudden off (faded out). Splash from Merlin. SINPO 33333.

6311: Radio Barretina relaying Radio L'Arboc. Heard @ 1405 with jazz music programme in parallel with its internet streaming. Weak signal but audible. SINPO 24332.

6325: Radio Merlin Int @ 1345 playing the Pet Shop Boys, not in parallel with 6300 and not as strong. Signal fair now - S7-8 while 6300 is S9-9+10dB. SINPO 34333.

6421: Laser Hot Hits @ 1350 with a Mike Oldfield song. I've not much had much luck hearing this frequency during the week but it has faded in now. SINPO 34433.

9290: Radio City via Latvia @ 1030 playing 60s music. SINPO 45444.

(updated 23:00UTC)


Anonymous said...

Has anyone said anything about the death of Colin Dixon yet ??

uk dxer said...

Yes, Britain Radio on 6245 has been broadcasting a special programme on Sunday. See also the BRI and Laser websites. Very sad news.