Friday, July 21, 2006

Thurs July 20

Eldorado Radio was on 6298 @ 2000 playing Veronica jingles, giving out email address in Dutch and English. SINPO 33333.

Station heard on 6303 @ 2200 playing oldies and ballads. Signal disappeared - either switched off or faded out - at 2215 before I could hear an ID. SINPO 34333. I see Achims Free Radio Disaster had West Coast logged on this frequency - see link.


Radio Bermudadreieck said...

Maybe we have to tune our receivers. If you log ELDORADO on 6298, I do it on 6297. Hi. Greetings from another hot day in Germany to the hot island.Maybe more loggings this weekend on BERMUDA DX, also maybe a short program. But cant go to the forests, its closed. DJ Dipol

uk dxer said...

I hope the skip is good from Germany to the UK this weekend! I saw Radio Sonar also plans to be on tomorrow night.