Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Mon July 3

Solar Radio is one of the most active UK stations on 48 metres at the moment. Heard again @ 1920 playing dance music on 6209. Some spash from Iran on 6205. SINPO 33433.

A new Dutch station on shortwave is Radio Ruigezand (Roughsand). Heard for the first time on 6305 @ 2240 playing schlager with announcements in English. Some splash from a utility station on 6310 but not a bad signal (33433). Repeated email address several times. This is pckom@hotmail.com


Anonymous said...

Hi UK DXer, yesterday evening I have heard MANY Stations on 48MB
(15 Stations!!!). Vy nice signals here in Germany! Ruigezand was activ to 23.28 UTC and longer!!! At this time the station was full f/o.

Can you make a link on your site from my HP?! The Add is HTTP://WWW.DOCTORTIM.DE.VU

Greetings from Dr.Tim

uk dxer said...

I wasn't able to listen for much of the evening but I was pleased to log Ruigezand.

I can add a link to your site - maybe you could put a link from your site to mine?

Anonymous said...

Thank for your help and link! At this time I have great problrms with my PC. I will later make a link Dr.Tim / your HP.

Greetings from Dr.Tim