Sunday, July 02, 2006

Sun July 2

Strange conditions today - very few stations heard well.

Weekend Music Radio continued today on 6401. Strongest in the evening. Heard WMR playing recordings of the station when it first opened in 1980!

Orion Radio was on 6325, heard signing off @ 0800. Reception not as good as last week (34433), no doubt due to conditions.

Radio Brigitte was on 6540 playing schlager @ 0815. Announced email address of Reception was 34433.

A new station, GPT Radio heard @ 0825 on 6300 playing oldies. Email address Another 34433 SINPO.

I don't know how much power Radio Borderhunter was using, but certainly the best signal on 48m this morning. Heard @ 0900 on 6210 with SINPO of 44444. Closed down soon after.

Radio Underground did not fade up here until 0955 on 6311 with 34333 SINPO. Steve was talking about last week's summer meeting plus reading an email from Laser Hot Hits explaining why they had been off 6275. It seems a JCB cut through the transmitter cable. Underground faded out again after about 30 minutes!

Radio Golfbreker on 6300 @ 1150 playing schlager and polka with announcements in Dutch (34333).

MV Baltic Radio was heard via Julich on 6045 @ 1200 with a one hour programme. Sign on in English and German and announced web address of Reception excellent (55555).

Radio Fox 48 on 6306 @ 2020, playing the Birdie Song and giving ID. Signal here 34333.

Solar Radio on 6209 @ 2035 playing 70s/80s music, The Jam, Human League etc. Reception here 34333.

Intercity Radio on 6300 playing rock music @ 2040 with a 33433 SINPO. QRM from Reflections Europe on 6295. Off @ 2041.

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Achim Brückner said...

Indeed strange conditions this sunday morning. Long-skip received Underground at 0720 quite well with long deep fading. But no dutch stations received here.