Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Tues July 11

Radio Intercity was heard @ 2000 on 6312 playing 80s mx. Coming in well here with a 34333 SINPO. Off at 2055. Announced email address of

Dutch station on 6294 playing dance mx @ 2010. Signal not quite strong enough to hear an ID. 24332.

No problems hearing Radio Mazda on 6290 @ 2100. Very good signal (54444) with schlager.

Another unidentified station on 6285. Playing non-stop mx. Went off suddenly @ 2140. 44433.

West Coast Radio on 6295 @ 2145. Good signal again (44444), playing rock mx. He was also joined by Rob 007 and Radio Ramona. Off at 2320. Thanks for the kind words about this site. Much appreciated.

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Anonymous said...

West Coast Radio was booming in on
a portable on the SE coast last night, while I was out night fishing with Steve.