Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sun July 23

Weekend Music Radio coming in well on 6401 @ 0825. SINPO 44444. The station said it plans to get some QSLs printed up by the end of the month. Mailing address is 14 Stone Row, Coleraine, Northern Ireland BT52 1EP.

Radio Paardenkracht was on 6290 @ 0830 with oldies, mentioning Marcel from France. SINPO 44444.

Conditions not been great for the short skip from Radio Underground's transmitter to my receiver today. Faded in at 0835 on 6311 with Steve and the free radio news before Andy Walker and a Syd Barrett (of Pink Floyd) special. SINPO 43433. Signal disappeared for most of the day before returning in the early evening.

Antonio Radio playing polka on 6300 @ 0845 with Dutch announcements. SINPO 34433.

Premier Radio Int, overlooking Galway Bay, on 6265 @ 0850 with the usual 70s mx. 43433 SINPO.

Radio Brigitte was on 6540 @ 0905 with polka, but suffering ssb qrm. 33433.

Laser Hot Hits was heard via Jolly Roger Radio on 6242 @ 0910 with 60s mx. SINPO 43433. Laser was also on via JRR's other transmitter on 6380 @ 1000 but swamped by utility qrm. SINPO 32332.

Radio Shadowman coming in with a good signal on 6305, playing polka, @ 0915. SINPO 44444.

Radio Waves Int from France was on 6324 @ 0920 with country music and IDs in French and English. 33433.

Britain Radio Int via JRR on 6242 @ 0935 playing some rare 60s mx. A good signal here - 44444. Later in the morning it was one of the best on 48 metres.

Radio Mazda was on 6280 @ 0955 playing schlager and giving out the station hotline. 43443.

Solar Radio was on 6304 @ 1545 with 80s pop. SINPO 34433.

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