Saturday, July 01, 2006

Fri June 30

Station heard playing rock music on 6300 @ 1930. No ID heard. 33333.

Another unidentified station on 6281 playing non-stop pop and rock @ 43443. A bit of splash from the newly-reactivated Laser on 6275. Signal was blasting in after dark but also suffered a whistle due to qrm from a Chinese station on 6280 after 2100.

On 75m, Boomerang, Scotland and Mi Amigo heard in QSO on 3909 @ 2140 in Dutch. Scotland and Boomerang the strongest of the three stations.

West Coast Radio was coming in very well on 6298 @ 2145 with 50W, playing rock and pop. 44444 although went off suddenly.

Not so lucky was Intercity Radio who came on 6301. Heard @ 2150 but splash from WCR meant 32432 SINPO.

Finally, a UK station I've not heard for some time - Radio Skeleton was on 3900 @ 2245 with Oscar playing a varied selection of music and chatting about free radio. Bit of a rumble on the signal - could be some local qrm? 33433. He can be contacted at

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