Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sat July 22

Weekend Music Radio on 6401 @ 1815 reading listeners' letters, a repeat of a previous programme. Good signal, 44343.

The Finnish pirate Radio Blue House was back on the air with a great signal on 6305 @ 1900 - obviously relayed via one of the Dutch powerhouse stations. Heard here with a 44343 SINPO playing blues music. After dark SINPO rose to 54444. Off at 2100. He uses the SRS Germany mailing address or email to

A tentative logging of Radio Likedeeler on 6283 playing pop @ 1925. SINPO of 32332. Station suffering qrm from the UK station Solar Radio, who was using 6284. Solar, slightly stronger here, with a SINPO of 33333.

Radio Ramona heard on 6400 @ 1930 suffering interference from Weekend Music Radio 1kHz away. SINPO 32332.

An unidentified station on 6270 @ 1955 with co-channel ssb qrm and splash from Laser on 6274. SINPO 22332. Couldn't pick out an ID.

Another unidentified station heard on 6325 playing non-stop 70s and 80s music. No IDs heard. Quite a lot of static in the air after a huge thunderstorm during the afternoon. 34333.

Delta Radio was on 6305 @ 2205 with oldies. Superb signal - 54444 SINPO.

Radio Mazda was on 6290 playing schlager @ 2215. Also coming in well with a 44444 SINPO.


uk dxer said...

Unid station on 6325 was Wave Radio - no microphone or jingles. Confirmed by station via Alfa Lima forum.

uk dxer said...

I see from Dr Tim's logs that Sonar Radio was logged between 6280-6283 so that was probably the German station I heard (not Likedeeler). I still think it was Solar Radio from the UK, on 6284, trying out a new frequency.

I also note from Dr Tim's logs that the station on 6270 was Radio Kirschkuchen from the Merchweiler DX camp.